Poem – “How Long did we Hold?” – Love Poetry – 11/6/2021

Speeches collected upon the longest lines,
Farewells captured, with eyes towards the wind.
Bringing forth a letter,
Reading a mystery.
She faces the sun without looking in,
Running from her eyes light that blinds.
She wishes, though cannot love –

Without the love, without the heart quitting
All of Heaven’s symptoms.
Desperate heart, undiscovered her
Who loves with winter lending its warmest,
Most concealing cover.

I see, without looking in
The woman with face with graces saddest
Above the ocean, with reflection widest.
To wilt her, to disconnect her
From the places we kept,
From all moments that represent her –

Eyes must shut, from light that wept.

What kisses the sun
Besides its death?
With candle held to the waxen skin,
She’ll fall to pieces, worn thin –

She’ll live beyond the ocean’s sin.

To kiss those kips in reddest tint,
To bury those eyes in praising glint,
To mark this woman loved, will not look above –

To see the sun as it could love
Upon final breath, within the space of death
Where black to black burns flesh.

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