Poem – “Enter these Arms” – Love Poetry – 11/6/2021

How was your heart
Dug within, bound in dirt?
Was death
Ever the comfort, ever the hurt?
Here, we pour in
Our favorite ocean.

We sing without breath,
We bleed on without flesh.
We are in the other’s arms –

Still discovering deepest harm.
Inside the soil,
We trace every mile –

We ever lived, under the stars,
Now within the sands
Counting each other’s scars.
Fallen beneath
Breeze and shadow,
Yearning to the bloodiest kiss –

Our solaced life could ever miss.

What would, what could
Take apart the briefest sound?

What could, what should
Keep memories coming unbound?

We are lost in eternal caress.
Funerals for many,
One remaining love for eternity.

Living on, growing humbly
Beneath, within arms, saving light
Among dark moments without sight.

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