Political Philosophy – “The Reason for Student Debt” – 11/7/2021

“How can one be so creative, yet be negligent of their decaying heart? How can one be so rich for their depth in pockets, yet so poor of soul?”

– Modern Romanticism

There is this divide, between the creative and the practical work. What holds form and what holds function, though this is a needed divide when considering both a person’s monetary status and their levels of ennui and listlessness. A person’s courage to conquer what is needed for survival, though cannot be sufficient when their objective is to create with what flows from the heart. A person’s heart, a person’s individualism is them. To this, there is no heart, unless such is shattered. Although, out of sadness, there is more creativity. Is it that “sadness is the wellspring of creativity”, as such is sometimes told? Then, the pain of a loss, of something once felt will not cease creativity.

A student, upon their academic achievements, should do such for the practical, though will want to enter in a field where they might exercise their individualism. If that student understands the division between form and function, they will stick to monetary gain upon the latter. They will exercise their individualism upon the former. They will reveal as they will show. They will not simply tell the reason for their life. They will prove it. Though, upon reaching debt, what slows the student? What raises the awareness to seek student debt forgiveness? It must be that the student thought, upon the notions of a changing environment, that their creative individualism could mount the place of function or practicality. What is creative loses soul upon the desire for monetary gathering. Upon losing soul, one loses creativity. One loses themselves upon the thought that they are still creative, within a collective field. There is no creativity within collectivism. It is inherently the case, when one can understand the same divide between form and function. When one knows that form belongs in individualism, due to the weight in which form displays, one knows collectivism and function as a weightless nothingness.

However, one perhaps must be, at first, a nothing to become something. Out of the practical world, a person becomes. One becomes, though within individualist creativity to the form, one is. As in, one is themselves, through creativity. Whereas, one becomes another thing through professional and mechanical collectivism and function. The aspect of one’s skills resonates with collectivism, though were built upon who a person is within individualism. It is to mean that collectivism cannot function without the form of individualism. Collectivism depends on individualism.

If a student means to create among an environment of function, they will lose. If a student means to be functional among an environment where they can create, they will gain. Form follows function when a person holds the delusion that function should be first within the march to progress. Function follows form when a person realizes that truth often leads to its distortion, being deception. Such of the latter design requires simple correction, though the student is in debt because of what they’ve lost in the monetary sense. A student is in debt, because they have believed it possible to create within function. They are a mere victim to the Post-Modern realm, of one that seeks to impoverish the heart for the sake of monetary forgiveness. The prime issue with this is that debt of the monetary sort cannot be forgiven forever. Eternal forgiveness of such material debt is not possible due to the greater value in forgiving an understood mistake. What has the creator lost, in this sense? They have lost their ability to forgive the true transgressions upon themselves, being to sacrifice heart and soul for monetary achievement.

Individualism does not function, though is what is the form to what becomes of the function. Whether they be the continued existence of the destruction of what is function, depends solely on the individualist. That is, collectivism can do no more than to rebel against itself. Function does no more than to rebel against or deny the existence of its own creator. The inescapable factor is of what cannot be forgiven from student to their true loss, being of their individualism. A person or student that means to forsake individualism is one who will be in eternal debt always expecting repeated forgiveness.

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