Poem – “When it comes to Love” – Modern Romanticism – 11/7/2021

Still you
Keep running the tears that to
Mankind’s hurts, in the war for bloodied dirt
Follow wails, will lead to worse.
Leave sorrow as dew
To make the mourning as morning
Without the sleep of the sun
Staying where we are entering.

While love is warm, apart
From faces scarred,
We keep the bullets entering hearts –

We send forth showers, towards eyes unmarred.

Some touch,
No falter to what God has brushed, –

As my shoulder is the bed, not the shield,
For everything you cannot wield.
With love at every breath,
A wrinkle beyond all age,
Here to tell of the offspring to death
That with winter, cannot erase,
That within books, remain as the page.

His eyes still love
With beauty he should not retrieve
From above.

With a kiss he did leave,
He dances upon flooded shores,
Absorbing tears, raising you for more.

Some stilled part of your eyes –

Can see beyond the haze, the weighted skies
From where you cry.
As love opens its wings,
You will remain, to accept what Heaven brings.

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