Poem – “Knowing to Love” – Modern Romanticism – 11/9/2021

Our hearts, our halls among
These veins that stretch with yearning’s song.
Can you count the skips
The pulse had made, all along?
Razor pleasure that holds a note,
While summer cures what winter wrote
Upon the morning that came.

Your eyes, our skies,
While love skips the moment
For a second more.
Hands around your hips,
Watching the stars fall, as schedules flip.

One second of breath, one afternoon’s hit
Upon the fogging rush,
The euphoric high that never knows
Where Heaven dwells, where time goes.
Halting your move upon the hush,
While tears forever stop.

Will you go, or will we row
Our love over the falls
Holding close, while eternity crawls.

We can never prolong our stare,
While we have the moon to discover.
Each fault present, all sorrows recovered
Beneath nights that rekindle the glare
To a sun, a morning that does not betray.

Pale light, with the mountains low
To hinder our next impact.
Forever this way, to reconnect the day –

Back to joy’s brighter stay.

I can keep holding,
While scenery can keep molding.

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