Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 24/50 – “November Skies” – 11/9/2021

With a note upon some sound,
The echoes had carried us to bliss.
Steering directions, with distractions around,
While we viewed each other in the lakes.
I am starved of your kiss,
The scent of your hair in the wind.
A piece of you is for scenery to make –

While folded letters journey us together
To find passages, spaces between the feathers,
I carve you from an everything
That was once born upon a glance.

One love, so simple as whole
Became dust to separate, with nothing to dance
In arms that cradle the air.

Memories between the moments
Nestled in the kindest streak
Where a teardrop did land, a stream did leak
To run through everything we did speak.
Our love knew when to disappear –

Upon ignored spaces, the clouds that were near.

Wind keeps the move upon grief,
With no blood in hands, no faith upon disbelief.

With roots to descend, no pain to fear –

Love crosses the arctic to wonder,
If a cold summer becomes a warm winter.
Would eyes then look to light?

Could I view the sun if you return sight,
Within inches of the burning horizon line?
Could I merge the ashes in my time –

While pain rescinds its weariness,
While faces renew from emptiness?

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