Poem – “Seduction by Firelight” – Modern Romanticism – 11/27/2021

Cover me with wind,
Your breath and frosted smile
Becomes heated,
Is greeted, before the miles
Of your flesh, becomes explored
At your great histories, adored.
Wander here - 

Taken far from the cross,
To be within the burning state.
Love, at its great height, holds your weight,
Crashes you into the folding embrace.
Drink Heaven, not of any loss
To all sweetness in the decadent fervor.

Breathe, and do not leave
Your tears to see, beneath moonlight.
Walk over, and count to three
With beauty to be the dose
For all that came so close.
Flesh and safety - 

Surround mountains for your journey.
Here are arms to never recede
To any smothered mimicry.
Devotion compels the waves
To drive forward towards sceneries saved.
Within light, beneath the sun - 

Where all answers were lived and won.
Clinging to the voyage of your kiss,
True to be mine, unkind to be missed.

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