Poem – “Casual in the Embrace” – Modern Romanticism – 11/26/2021

Close the door.
Open yourself to the fire,
The feelings we help ourselves to,
Without seconds.
Devotion in the engulfing kiss,
The waves against your shore.
I have entered, with desire - 

To build a nest in your name,
With a spare bough to hang above
Those stars, we count, in infinite love.

Facing the new
Moon, of another night
We have our warmth, against all fright.
We are the wilderness we grew
With sculptures of dedication.

Beneath the open expanse
Of great twilight, lovers bloom - 

To remain embraced, towards the noon - 

When our sighs, our sounds can falter gloom.
Our hearts filled with flame,
For no one can be to blame
That the world quit itself, for silence.
Here to hold, to cradle
Our lives apart from violence.

One more kiss to lay upon
Haloed lips, your golden eyes
As tears let loose, as rivers run.

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