Poem – “Unbundled” – Love Poetry – 6/6/2022

Some labels
burn like echoes,
while others are set
as bricks to form
hiding spaces, with more
shadows than curtains.
Same with
all heat from trembling knees.
Same for
two pairs of eyes, blinded to
simplest, uncurving love.

We have walked
a tight rope, to experience
loss to our tears, nailed with
stares, upon a cross.
Our sin to sink,
one fate close to a brink
has us cancel hearts,
holds us down
while we are apart.

I keep feeling
everything we are sealing.
I keep unsealing
each wound we are healing.
I remind this life
that love coexists to plunder,
to block our escape
from those incinerating

I wear this mark
on these eyes, bruising more
than skin, open wide.
I fail to see
where I can be,
when dying without safety.

I fail to breathe
when you fall close to me.
I forget to believe
that we can be free.

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