Poem – “For Torches we Drowned” – Grief Poetry – 8/14/2022

No sadness. Empathy
has remained a cruel uncovering
to artistic pain, beneath smog.

To those inventions, of burning oil,
setting flame to our skin.
It lets our skin become sand,
crafting our sands into mirrors,
when pain regrows from grain.

Endless tide,
countless cries, once heard.
Here, we always ignore
our choking sighs.

Storms are under oceans,
sands are infinite with stars.

Fragmented love
never grows up, while we
are floating away as two
immature blossoms,
as dandelion seeds
crossing these calm seas.

Our eyes see faint hues,
while never crying.
We are lying to never reveal,
hiding to forever conceal.

Love sent our grief
backwards, on a sinking ship.
A leaking vessel on a thin current,
on a stretching bloodless vein
towards ruins, towards sands
to a place where pain
from all its grains, had never
rejoined in departed hands.

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