Poem – “Only Room I Dwell” – Grief Poetry – 8/15/2022

All of this
has a black ceiling.
Your arms, curved shadows.
Your shaped scars,
straight, to that moment
when you sentenced me to
death – of your oceans,
blinded underwater,
to keep darkening.

Never shallow
me. Never wallow
with me, while
moons drift.

A series of
reflections, from different
phases in this
place of bitterness.

I will never remove
these portraits from that
delicate background. What
rises, from straight lines?
I will remain trapped
in a moment that went too soon,
in a memory
that kept us, inside,
in backwards bloom.

Caresses. Notes of grief,
cries from this dark shelter,
faced with disbelief.

Loving until a sun goes down
to evaporate, to terminate
an ocean, a droplet of rain.

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