Poem – “Your Lonely Nights” – 1/16/2023

Color up that moon,
hanging loosely
upon your untouchable shoulder,
for I see you looking overboard,
seeking some starkness,
hovering your eyes above
whirlpools, distant rocks
at the bottom of transparent,
mirroring lakes.

You desire a solid color,
a face that never changes.
That is why
you turn to those nights
when that moon,
a mere lie that blinds,
finds you covered up
in bedsheets,

in comforting deceit.

For whom else holds you
beneath, in the deep?

Adjacent, a space stayed near you,
upon a bed where breathlessness soars –
a space that, like unwritten letters
tells you something still surrenders.

Color up all new moons,
all full ones, without anything of hope,
of nothing that clenches you,
nothing true that never lets go.

Color up yourself
inside enclosing nights,
when kisses are crossed at your feet
like abandoned autumn leaves,
like returning petals that distract you
from a revisited morning.

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