Poem – “An Ocean for Savings” – 1/17/2023

Lost in a drift. Adrift,
sidelining barriers, letting dams break,
arms be open, guards be dropped,
in a place where nothing faded,
inside a space where nothing
ever degraded,

choosing instead to rise upward,
to bring us close.

To drown us in our emptied minds,
to reveal those glimmers
from achievable sunshine. A sunrise
stares, as if finding our yearning

Here, in these depths,
finding our sickness, a wholeness,
even in its transparency.

Down here, we have breath,
after we were starving on death.
When we were losing tears
on sands where we crept,
we covered all that we feared,
though hoped that everything
among remembered, painted smiles
would never smear.

Arms about. What more to doubt?
In this space of relived places,
beginnings are remade
beneath an ocean
where reflections are saved.

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