Poem – “From Answers to Snow” – 1/17/2023

Bleached lips. White eyes.
Deadness, in under a heartbeat,
upon hearing that signal –
a voice, a distant shrill,
that it is too late to let me know
before blood was revealed in snow.

I have a letter
being blocked of its return,
from higher degrees
of intimate temperature.
All that you felt
hand-written, in the sadness
both of us did melt
pledging us, deep into underwater.

Within white clouds,
clarity was believed
to be a certainty.

Back to snow.
To all, before understanding
came to know.
Back to monochrome,
among drifting clouds.
There is nothing to sift through,
tossing a mind within white sheets,
surrounded by white walls.

To be drafted, in this senselessness,
to shape a cold emptiness,
molding it from great streams,
torrents that rush along –
to capture the most beautiful,
meaningless words,

and suffocate both of us,
within identical scars,

those surrendering horizons.

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