Quote – “When Prejudice Remains as Prejudice” – 6/13/2020

“Fear is the emotion where prejudice originates. To eliminate prejudice, would mean to eliminate fear. To eliminate fear, would mean to eliminate love. Because, to have any reason in the world to be brave, represents why fear is cloaking one’s shoulders, in the first place. That is, to be brave, means that one is feeling fear. One cannot be brave, without first feeling fear. One cannot be in love, without a need to demolish what one fears. What one can fear, most of all, is to trust another, which involves love. When we allow someone else to love us, we are trusting another, with our most guarded secrets, with our differences. For the reason why love is said to be unlimited, is because fear will always represent humanity’s convenience in only being for themselves, while love will remedy that mere convenience by way of offering what one needs. Trust and acceptance are what one needs, by way of realizing that to have such things, one must feel fear, so that one can love and be brave.

Therefore, prejudice cannot ever be eliminated, without first eliminating fear, and then one eliminates love. Whatever drug-inducing method will eliminate fear, will eliminate all bravery, all need to stand up for oneself. Thus, one has put an end to the human spirit.”

– Anonymous

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