4 thoughts on “Quote – “The Fool who Dislikes the Facts” – 9/4/2020

    1. I once compared truth to a steak, while comparing a lie to a bite-sized candy.

      Those who are equally good at deception, will be like a serpent, able to swallow a lie whole. Those who are patient, able to read something with carefulness, will take the time to chew and digest the tough material.

    2. Also…

      If you’ve ever seen in the world an active promotion of “sound-byte information” or “easy-to-understand” language, it’s the embracing of a lie.

      Among the consumerist nations, there will be material for people to easily “consume” them. If a person ever compares such ease to themselves, they will find themselves as nothing more than a liar.

      It is because intelligence should be defined as, “Information that necessitates its required time for maximum performance, in the outcome.”

      It’s like that saying, “How can a mother produce a complete child, in less than 9 months?” Sometimes, things need time, or else deficiency is imminent.

      So long as there is in this world material that remains easy to consume, understand, and replicate, stupidity and lies will remain as the governance.

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