Quote – “The Impossibility of Inherent Evil” – 9/5/2020

“For human functionality to take place, then humanity must be, even at the smallest increment, existent in the person’s spirit. Even the human who attempts to make themselves purely machine, would not function were it not for the small percentage of humanity still stored within them. To be 99% the psychopath or the narcissist is only possible. For to be 100% lacking of empathy and humanity is impossible.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Idiocy in Refusing the ‘Ignorant’ Leader” – 8/29/2020

“If heart is what it takes to be a leader, then can this be taught?

What person can be taught, through schooling, to have a heart, to care for what they are about to govern? If such is impossible, then leadership cannot be centered around experience and knowledge. There is blatant idiocy in stating that a leader, who is ignorant, cannot be one. What does one wish? To ask the leader for an answer to the meaning of life, may as well be the next question to him.

Heart cannot be taught. To be ignorant on any other matter, has no importance for leadership.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Impossibility of Equality” – 8/25/2020

“To wish for empathy, then do not trust those who’ve been known, not by their individualism, though by the system they are in, to be deceitful.”

– Modern Romanticism

The greatest deception in the world, is to believe that a person in a system of it, can be honest. There is no honesty from a voice that calls out to the herd, and does not speak to the individual.

It is needless to even speak of a world leader as “prejudiced”, when their own profession is very much limited on what it can know, of every individual. Within this world, to believe that a politician can be empathetic, is much in relation to how often we share our private information for social media monitoring.

Only what resides in what is personal, from person to person, can there be something resembling equality. Yet, in today’s time, it has been painted over with a “collective” approach, as though each industry, each system of a society, could be transfigured into a picture of empathy. Though, what machine meant to use cogs, like a task meant to employ a worker, has anything become achieved, if empathy is wanted?

Within Business and Retail, for example, a person cannot be known at a deeper level. Business and Retail are industries that do not care to know a person’s heart. That is where deception and blind trust are involved, in such areas of industry. The businessman trusts the other businessman, out of blindness. Have they ever spoken? Have they ever talked about something that might reveal a secret? Have they ever befriended each other? If they did, that could be exploited. This is why when people desire empathy outside of home, they become deceived, and used as tools or slaves.

Why would a worker demand empathy from his or her employer? Why would a citizen demand empathy from his or her world leaders? Why would a person, as a victim to bullying, demand empathy from an “anti-bullying” Activist? It cannot be the case, when such sorts who are expected to give empathy, are not in any position to know you. These people have a job, and only a job that offers them a very shallow perspective of the entirety.

Worlds leaders cannot even be called “racist” or “sexist” or anything else, when they were never your close friend, to begin with. For any word like that, would be a representation of betrayal. How can a world leader, or a celebrity, betray a “promise” when they do not know you? They promised the nation of the task. Though, did they promise you? Did that world leader call your phone, to specifically speak to you about the task? Did he or she keep you in mind, throughout it all? If not, they do not care about you, in specifics.

Empathy cannot be given from a system. It cannot be given from a person, an industry, a realm that is not there to know you.

For nothing in this world would be achieved, if everyone within a workforce of systematic behavior, became something of comfort and stagnant bliss. Everything would halt, business could collapse, as poverty would be rampant. If each employer, each politician, each celebrity, was meant to offer empathy, honesty would be believed as the forefront of what these people are believed to know.

This is all because empathy is the domain of comfort. When we empathize, we halt a task that could cause harm, to focus on “inner hurts”. We focus on what is harming the individual, within themselves, of their emotions. Though, as the task is halted, the entire machine of society stops. No one gets their bread, nor their milk, nor their clothes, and people lose their homes.

If one expects empathy, then gain it from home. If one expects empathy, then gain it from a lover, from your mother, from your father, from friends, from siblings, among all those one can easily trust.

For empathy and love is a gateway out of motion, not a gateway into it. In comfort, we fall silent. In comfort, we stay still. In comfort, we do not wish to rise to face our newer tasks.

Philosophy – “Why ‘Anti-Bullying’ Campaigns are Ineffective” – 8/9/2020

“Comprehend the difference between empathy and sympathy, where the former is closeness, as the latter is distance.”

– Modern Romanticism

There is no greater suffering, than loneliness. All activists will self-serve, because they’ve adopted a career that stands away from the average human, to holding a vocation of being an average human.

The activist should be defined as, “The care-giving human, who makes a living from being care-giving. In this, they desire something in return, for their efforts.”

One should differ a friend from a Therapist, as this, “The friend will speak to you for an unlimited amount of time, and ask for nothing in return. The Therapist will speak to you for a limited amount of time, and ask for something in return.”

Look through the doors to patient’s bedrooms, in a hospice, and see the cold expressions upon the nurse’s faces. Their empathy has stagnated itself, out of the fear in jeopardizing their own career. It is because being a nurse offers pay. That pay goes to those whom the nurse does empathize with. He or she is, however, a deceiver on the grounds of the hospital.

What is a terminally ill patient’s worst suffering? Is it what they already know is killing them? Or, is it the fact that their family has abandoned them?

What is a PTSD war Veteran’s worst suffering? Is it what they already know is destroying their mind? Or, is it that no one has lifted them from their sorry state upon the streets, brought them into their own home for shelter? No one aids this homeless war Veteran, because no one is friends with the war Veteran.

Where one has faced loss, there is now a void. That void is nothing for hunger’s sake, as much as the Activist would be wonted to adhere to this feeling of satiation. Loss is accompanied by the idea that one did not treat this possession as an expendable. When a woman says to a man, “I am not your property”, does she wonder on the fact that he loves her? It is not “property”, in as much as he merely wishes to protect her. To protect her, as in, from being seen as expendable by anyone else, because he loves her. For death will eagerly look upon those whom others have indeed taken, of their love, for granted.

Food may be taken for granted. Same with money. All things material can be taken for granted, simply because they inevitably are.

Though, the most undying thing that is never taken for granted, is love.

Love doesn’t die, because we protect what we love. We do eat the bread, and then it disappears. Do we eat, or use, or loved ones? We do not. We do not wish them to disappear, like something expendable.

Though, through “anti-bullying”, there is the same ideas, as above.

What does an Activist see of a child, if he or she cannot befriend them?

What does an Activist see of a child, if he or she cannot endanger their career, to be more honest about their emotions?

What does an Activist see of a child, if he or she cannot run from what confines themselves, to free what confines the child?

The bullied child’s greatest torment is the same as the terminally ill patient in a hospice. It’s the same suffering as a PTSD war Veteran. It’s the same suffering as anyone who comprehends, deep within themselves, they they’ll die faster because of what is absent, not present.

The “anti-bullying” Activist cannot offer a heart. They can offer knowledge.

Knowledge, for its own sake, is consumption. It’s the idea by which, having already stated this, adheres to appetite and satiation. In this, there is corruption. One corrupts what was not loved.

As the Activist aids bullied children, they learn about bullied children. They document what they witness in journals and papers, for their “research” within the bounds of Universities. Yet, if being all for knowledge, why not be all for heart?

Knowledge is gained. Used. It is by this, that an Activist, even if not stating it openly, is using a child for their gain. For their appetite, for their satiation, for their desire, they gain by what they learn.

For to spoil anything like knowledge, would ruin it, make it as lack of a surprise. That is what the researcher craves. It’s the “A-ha!” moment that clarifies realization, in the discovery. Down the road of “anti-bullying” Activism, there is no heart. There is only knowledge.

Quote – “In Love, a Person Communicates, Understands, and Forgives” – 7/28/2020

“A human is so much a human, when they will be willing to punish. How else is God described, besides the one who forgives the sinner?

A human, a punisher, and it is only because they have a form to feel pleasure through, that they will do this. A human craves. And, in what they crave, they punish another to deal pain, learning another’s weakness.

Though, through love, a person can communicate to understand, and in that understanding, a person learns to forgive. Learn the tale, before the judgement to punish, and one can judge a person’s truest fault, being their humanity. In this, they will comprehend themselves the same as another.

They will break themselves like not waves against the shore, though against each other. They now know each other’s storm, and they can connect in the calm.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “When Evil has a Greater, Hidden Light” – Pt. 3 – 6/20/2020

“What do we think of the solar eclipse? Does it not portray the symbolism of light being drenched in sorrows? The moon, relating to sorrows, relating to the night, is now curtaining the sun, and less light covers the Earth. It is the same with evil, with death, with mourning. That, the raining of tears during our experience with darkness, wants us to be closer to our depression. We are the light, as humans, merging with darkness, like being closer to the moon. We howl, like werewolves, like beasts, in the pain that writhes within ourselves. We mourn, as we weep, as we murder, as we force another into a state of fear. That is the beast, not a human.

It must be that the mythical werewolf weeps when it howls, feels its own pain so deep in its form, in that mournful wail. It comprehends what it has killed, like another human was a member of its own family.

As a light, we are against our hollow Nature. For the will of any human is to be past the nighttime, and endure until the sun raises itself, like eyes may open themselves.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Men do not Weep” – 6/17/2020

“Men are never told by some unseen force, to never weep. It is in their personal motto, to never weep. For if they have heard the words, ‘Do not cry’ from another man, it has been easily recognized as right to listen to. Though, that is only because the man in turmoil has said such words to himself, at least a thousand times. Men are not conditioned by a society to never weep, as much as they always condition themselves to never weep. When a man can weep, he is fracturing his own armor, impaling himself on his own sword, for he fronted himself with the armor, showed his weapon to many enemies, simply to protect himself from fear. A man’s enemy is always himself.

To know that a man only protects himself out of an effort to be honest with himself, is in the comprehension that his greatest honesty is to know that he cannot do that. He breaks himself down, in the lie, for he knows his truth belongs with someone else. The source of his weakness, is not within himself, though is in the sight of someone else’s weakness.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “The Definition of Narcissism” – 5/16/2020

“Our current society has created a focus on names, on labels, on brands, and on identities. For such things, we have become marketed. We are used, like truth, to appear differently when we want change, not improvement. We will say that improvement is subjective, even though change is like the wind, without real direction. If we want to say that improvement is subjective, then we are only admitting that we’re lost, like the wind, without direction. Narcissism is the idea of a person’s mind to see themselves in the light of appearance, through constant change, and for all identities, in constant change. A mask is to be one identity of a person, before that mask is ‘changed’ for another. Like how the wind unpredictably changes direction, it will become a hurricane of confusion.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “Self-Identification Solidifies Narcissism” – 3/5/2020

“The mentality that speaks of a person only capable of knowing themselves, is to reject the empathy from another. We have rejected the words from another person, that is, who says to ourselves, ‘I have walked that same road.’ With an immense focus on the past, we face the direction of pain. Empathy knows pain, from one person to another. Empathy is the driving connection, from one human to another. By facing the direction of pain, we regress, and ‘understand ourselves’ or ‘know ourselves’ only by embracing hatred, when we reject empathy. When we reject the empathy from another in how an external person can understand us, we reject love. What is strength, besides a place where we are in, when we are past the past, or past the pain, and looking forward to brightness? True strength resides in a future without fear.

For if we say to ourselves to remain in the present, and not focus on the past nor the future, we will find that to be impossible. We will inevitably have a focus, as either the past or the future. With that, we become the ones to either be hateful or loving. Hatred for the focus that is on the past. Love for the focus that is on the future.”

A Quote of Wisdom – “How Far does Empathy Reach?” – 3/5/2020

“How far does empathy reach, besides beneath the Hell piled atop the guilt that one runs from? Empathy has, as I believe it to have, the power to burn a hole through the floor of Hell, of a person’s Hell, to see what the evil person does not wish to see, of themselves.”

A Quote – “When Love Proves to be the most Useless Emotion” – Philosophy – 2/7/2020

“What use does the slave-master have for the slave who they’d not call a slave, but a human, because they love them? When we, as humans, are cruel tyrants, we will call humans ‘tools’, and we will not love them. Moreover, we will not believe ‘love’ to be useful, when the slave, should they be loved, has no use through that love. We love people when they are not looked upon as objects. Because, the tool that is not loved, but merely used, will become the broken tool, because love was not around to protect that tool. Continued use, makes the tool broken. Continued protection, makes the human sheltered under a wing, where the only thing to see is the beaming face of the loving one. A tyrant, however, has a face that is blanketed by nothing more than shadows that we cannot penetrate.”