Quote – “When Evil has a Greater, Hidden Light” – Pt. 3 – 6/20/2020

“What do we think of the solar eclipse? Does it not portray the symbolism of light being drenched in sorrows? The moon, relating to sorrows, relating to the night, is now curtaining the sun, and less light covers the Earth. It is the same with evil, with death, with mourning. That, the raining of tears during our experience with darkness, wants us to be closer to our depression. We are the light, as humans, merging with darkness, like being closer to the moon. We howl, like werewolves, like beasts, in the pain that writhes within ourselves. We mourn, as we weep, as we murder, as we force another into a state of fear. That is the beast, not a human.

It must be that the mythical werewolf weeps when it howls, feels its own pain so deep in its form, in that mournful wail. It comprehends what it has killed, like another human was a member of its own family.

As a light, we are against our hollow Nature. For the will of any human is to be past the nighttime, and endure until the sun raises itself, like eyes may open themselves.”

– Anonymous