Quote – “Why Men do not Weep” – 6/17/2020

“Men are never told by some unseen force, to never weep. It is in their personal motto, to never weep. For if they have heard the words, ‘Do not cry’ from another man, it has been easily recognized as right to listen to. Though, that is only because the man in turmoil has said such words to himself, at least a thousand times. Men are not conditioned by a society to never weep, as much as they always condition themselves to never weep. When a man can weep, he is fracturing his own armor, impaling himself on his own sword, for he fronted himself with the armor, showed his weapon to many enemies, simply to protect himself from fear. A man’s enemy is always himself.

To know that a man only protects himself out of an effort to be honest with himself, is in the comprehension that his greatest honesty is to know that he cannot do that. He breaks himself down, in the lie, for he knows his truth belongs with someone else. The source of his weakness, is not within himself, though is in the sight of someone else’s weakness.”

– Anonymous

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