Quote – “The Definition of Narcissism” – 5/16/2020

“Our current society has created a focus on names, on labels, on brands, and on identities. For such things, we have become marketed. We are used, like truth, to appear differently when we want change, not improvement. We will say that improvement is subjective, even though change is like the wind, without real direction. If we want to say that improvement is subjective, then we are only admitting that we’re lost, like the wind, without direction. Narcissism is the idea of a person’s mind to see themselves in the light of appearance, through constant change, and for all identities, in constant change. A mask is to be one identity of a person, before that mask is ‘changed’ for another. Like how the wind unpredictably changes direction, it will become a hurricane of confusion.”

– Anonymous

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