Poem – “The Love Thrown Together” – Romance – 12/21/2019

Amorous, you are, upon my lips,
In our love thrown together,
Like two stones against their white surfaces,

Like two faces that clash in untold heat,
Like two moons that beat upon the other, their doors made of stone,
Like two chins that rub the other, each surface made of bone.

We are for the other,
As the love thrown together.

Kisses are continually shared,
While treasures are always worn
As these kisses,
As these wishes.

Beauty becomes a life-long majesty
As your arms, as your face, as your lips with their pearly appearance,
A little thing called “death” is nothing,
As all the angels weep in envy for your attraction,

Because, what could end, besides the age that grows over,
To wilt our love thrown together?

Wilderness with brambles and seeds,
My face is a cloud,
My love is an entertainment,

For you to bleed your future into, for immeasurable joy.
We will dance, and kiss,
We will kiss, and laugh.

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