Philosophy – “Why a Human cannot become Perfect” – 10/24/2020

“What life to live, without bleeding? How does a person feel alive, if they are never wounded?”

– Modern Romanticism

The arrogant fool is already dead, while possessing such a mentality. To say the words, “God is dead”, by the Atheist, is to say that the arrogant human will die. That is the imperfection of us. Death. Human imperfection is proven objective, upon when we disregard it. We become egoists, and believe ourselves invulnerable, or one day to attain the level of perfection.

Then, that person dies, due to that someone else defeated them. Someone acted out to usurp them, in their egoist ways. When they were not embracing of other’s flaws, it was only due to that they were not in realization of their own. When another saw their egoism as a lack of empathy, they took down this falsehood.

Though, what life does one live, upon this godhood? If God is ever dead, then God was never existent. Thus, we understand both the Abrahamic teachings of an eternal God of Love, among our imperfect selves. For we are unable to “live”, without possessing wounds. It is the same when we say of Christ, “He lived.” The human lives, for it makes God never a Creation. Rather, God is a Creator.

Love never manipulates. Rather, love would test what would manipulate another. Creator upon Creation, as this is the test of a child dealing with their sibling. Of Cain and Abel, it is the same. The first murder, of no trust and mere jealousy. Cain led Abel, out of deception or manipulation, to a field where he struck him with a rock. Love tests, as it is imperfection that makes us realize we are not in control.

No human lives, without realization of not being a god. No godhood, and we are accepting of flaws. No godhood, and we are embracing of each other. If the first mortal were to become immortal, it would reverse the fear of life to the fear of death. We’d become soldiers of our own misfortune. We’d become desirers of our own end. And, we’d prove, most of all, that we cannot die without fearing something else. All those with suicidal intentions, fear life, due to this logic. In fearing life, we embrace death. We embrace what has always made us imperfect, though now makes us perfect in a decision we cannot part from. Therefore, in saying the words, “God is dead” is to say that a human god would have no existence, would be dead.

Human perfection is not attainable due to that death cannot precede life, unless for the continuation or fertilization of it. As we enter this world, we were born from a mother. We were born from a woman who was, and is, fertile. When we die, we exit into the soil, pertaining also to fertility. However, no life has died, before it was born, making love the only thing ever to be eternal.

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