Quote – “Humanity is…” – 6/29/2020

“Humanity is always beneath Hell. Were a human to express humanity for its own sake, we’d all be God. We’d all be one. We’d have no need to divide, based on that Hell, based on what we don’t see. Hell is something constructed atop humanity. It is because a person’s pain extends into their actions upon what they despise. Humanity is pain. Hell is the cause of that pain. Everything burns when we are in pain, internally and externally. Love sees humanity. And, love forgives humanity. Pain comes together to heal, not as pain extending into Hell upon another, though as love extending to heal another person’s pain.

In essence, love sees beneath Hell, to the humanity of a person, being their pain, being their origin or identity.

We are all in pain for where we begin, unknown of the world, and unknown of others. We are ignorant, as an identity. Though, we are never blissful in Hell. We are blissful when we are loved, as Heaven is indeed portrayed.”

– Anonymous