Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 12/50 – “Everywhere, the World Admires” – 8/16/2021

Keep sealing your mirrors, display to faces
So emptied of disposition towards you,
While your wings face low,
Giving nothing to ashes.
How much can the weather renew
All the fog that deprives you of graces?
From the lips that thirst,
By the arms that hurt –

Without the heart now stranded at the shore,
Failing at the spoken euology.
You keep trembling with feathers to the floor,
Seeing your reflection at your prey
As a signal of your bare eyes.

Collect lost tortures brimming
With sounds in your heart,
Lost upon the path, unable to start
Where faces were grown into thorns,
As skin dropped petals –

While nothing to do for you,
Since no one could ever renew
Such scenery you broke loose.

Scenery that fell with the cross,
That held your wings, that bled your song
To the faces disassembled to loss.
You hungered at them, waiting long.
Trembling in the embrace of winter,
Weeping at the prayer of deceit –

The earth wept all around you
Those tears you sunk down your muted throat.
You threw what could not be renewed –

Into where life repeatedly spilled
All wishes never fulfilled.

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