Philosophy – “What makes the Poet?” – 3/5/2021

“Writing patterns and schemes in the work, is a direct result of reading them in people.”

– Modern Romanticism

We can define all types of poets. Though, it can be believed that the universal aspect of a poet, is not by them simply penning the work, though to write about what they have read. Of others, in the world, as the poet must be empathetic.

The poet must have dug deep into the trenches of another person’s soul, to weep over their faults, to find inspiration in the work that might heal this brokenness. The poet, by their craft, simply sparks the feeling of company. As all suffering turns greater by the life of the hermit, the poet should demonstrate to the world the explanations that pain and loneliness needs not ever be the absolute combination.

While a person is alone in their pain, they have convinced themselves that no one could understand the hurt. This is, therefore, the role of the poet. Their task is to understand. It is not their task to be confused on the suffering of others. As that confusion should be understood as the primary error of a poet, then it is to the craft where actualized understanding can be expressed.


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