Philosophy – “The Idiot Lesser who does not Wish to Work” – 8/15/2020

“The foolish pauper will believe in deceiving words, upon the time they look to leadership to state they are loving. For no human can be God, as no human can be perfect. Imperfection of leadership states that the politician is just as foolish as the pauper.”

– Modern Romanticism

If before a bridge, then why not cross the gap to reach the end? Life is that bridge. The beginning is either one’s innocence or ignorance.

No fool, upon their journey out of misery, can claim their own nation’s leadership to stand for anything more than deception. For it is true, and factual, that if such a leadership is believed to ascend the lesser straight to the greater, foolishness is abound. No one lives, nor comprehends the work that life entails, when they skip it.

One lives, when they work to achieve that greatness. This is truth.

What person, so foolish, believes that leadership can ascend the lesser to being greater, without comprehending nothing of a human? In this scenario, it is the same as Heaven raising the dead, raising those lesser in the ground, to ascension. To believe that a human can do this, makes one believe in the words of deception. For deceit plays soft notes and rubs softly the earlobes of any person.

If one is lesser, one should work, to be middling. If one is middling, one should be ambitious, to be greater. This is truth.

How often does a person believe that God does not exist, though believes that up in a skyscraper, a human can lower a ladder to ascend a pauper? How often is it the case that a human is never ascended, though taken advantage of, for greater power towards those who have achieved it?

Idiots run the world, when those same fools were once paupers.

When paupers rule the world, all they know is to consume, to deprive everything out of life, and to chew the world to dust.

A living human looks below, and sees a pauper. A living human looks above, and eithers sees what they shouldn’t see, being God, or what they regret ever seeing, being the greedy human.

It is not that paupers are the hungry ones, so much as it is the rich man, once pauper, who is the greediest.

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