Poem – “A Drunken Identity” – Romantic Poetry – 2/5/2020

Passed upon myself,
Was her shadow
Like to pass over my disused and torn spirit,
After a love shattered,
Like the bottle I cling to

I attempted to ignore,
Though, it kept calling,
As it kept me company.

Beside myself, flesh over a drunken spirit.
Inside myself, with ignorance overdone,
I only slept with myself, last night,
Like some pauper in the wilderness of buildings
Where from each wall hangs a streetlight.

I only slept among the shadows,
Especially the one, near to me.
For she was there, to keep me company.

She was there to see me in my misery.
She was there to hear my cries,
Of panic and fear,
With delicate droplets of spirit
Like the stars to stare upon, in my wanderlust.

Drunken upon my worn identity,
In clothing strewn upon wounded flesh.
I am still new to the mourning.
I am much like the dew in the morning
That simply sits there, to fall.

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