Poem – “Torn off a Torn Heart” – Romance – 1/5/2020

You plundered the blue,
Off what was brand new,
And show up as you knew
All to break through
My heart, with jagged edges.
And, it is broken in two,
Though, the symmetry was never there,
Those eyes of yours
Could never really stare,
To see from beyond your falling hair
That coated your face,
To notice not even a trace.

I am a new man
With himself in his own hands,
His life stands upon a palm,
And nothing but love, could ever silence the qualms.

I am a broken man,
With nothing to harbor truth,
Because, it will not leak from burned lips,
Burned from kisses made upon a woman’s poisoned mouth.

I bleed my heart into chaos,
Into her open arms.
I bleed my heart into the soil,
To see else what I’ve missed,
And to notice something I’ve never kissed.
Ah, the death, the death that I’ve come to want,
For myself,
And I feel broken, over again.

What is pain to me?
As me, the termite said,

Before I took a glass of the same drug
And it poured ever-so freely
Down my throat, to be nourished by that pain,
Because, I can only escape into what I cannot escape,
Being the prison of my own design.

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