Poem – “The Tomb of your Heart” – Romance – 1/12/2020

The arriving time
To see my fortune set in line,
Set upon the traveled road
Placed with the stones once cast at my limbs,
And I walk over them.

I see your searing pain, at the end of this long path
That does not twist,
For I’ve no other feeling
For this lonely world,
Where only the sigh of the wind, guides me.

There is beauty,
And here is beauty
Upon your folded gown, that I carry in naked arms.
You once wept into the fabric,
And slept, a thousand-and-one times, beneath me.

I walk towards a tomb.
I walk beneath the moon,
And bleed my denial into the stones,
For each one is merely a memory
Of decadent pain.

I walk to where you died,
The home, where you did reside.
And now under the soil,
At a spot where love did foil,
For your heart is that tomb.

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