Philosophy – “When Misinformation Loses its Meaning” – 1/8/2021

“By what rule can a person state that information simply not to the pleasure of a certain individual, is wholly misused? Could not certain information instead be termed as ‘misinterpreted information’? As in, only a person of greater intellectual function could universally comprehend what is said to be nonsense?”

– Modern Romanticism

Information is what is regarded in this world as the liberty of “free use”. This means, that it can only be misused when it is misinterpreted. For something to be free, to then only be indoctrinated into specifics, means not misinterpretation, though only misuse of what information is meant to be. Freely used, to be freely considered, in accordance to what a single mind can fathom. However, no information is nonsense, unless it is literally a language an individual cannot comprehend. And, where the term “language” shows itself, is not merely the difference between Japanese or German, as it is also within the intellectual understanding or misunderstanding for what has been stated.

Leadership cannot be good, if it uses information for specifics. That is indoctrination. That is the subtlety in which pertains to what only the mind can fathom, partaken from a very early age. In all things subtle, it is of things most tended to, most needed to be required to see something. This refers to children, who through their lack of understanding to the world, to objective and universal principles, require that external indoctrination, or so it is believed to be meant for them. For no individual grows, when they only ever learn about the group, never of themselves.

Information, being free for the essence of speech or to be penned down on blank paper, will become the filled essence of what is said to be “color”, when it is no longer to the imagination of what a creator makes for an idea. That is, if the creator has no freedom for their expression unto information, then the blankness of a page will become already filled with blackness. We understand that when it comes to information, nothing gives it more control than to the freedom for which a person writes it. Nothing is a lie, when the information is simply permitted.

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