Poem – “As I Tremble Before You” – Romantic

Your words are my focus,
Glowing, glistening, and romantic,
Each syllable gleams as the furthest moon,
Though, closest to raise the tide.
You are before an altar,
With my fingers laced in your silver.
And your beauty entrances me,
A virgin doused in white,
It’s all so agonizing.

It is, for you have accompanied
My deepest entrails,
And have poured a fear into me.
The one that knows you
By your ever gracious form,
Is there to feed on wine and grace,
Love and thorns, made into twine.
I love thee with all the pleasures
Made into stones.

I raise a glass to thy name,
Praising your features and your might,
The strength you’ve made for me,
The pride you’ve gifted upon me.
The great art of your neck,
Full and long, with pearls surround,
Is there for the deepest kiss,
And the longest stroke,
And your musical sigh to its taste.

What will thou become,
By my love to thy wish,
To be ever eternal on a heated throne,
When you shall become mine?
A beauty and a romance,
A marriage and an eternity,
A truly divine flame,
Will entrance us,
And leave us never wanting.

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