Poem – “Your Dark Gaze Upon Our Destiny” – Personal Poem – Romance

Oh, dearest goddess, with goodness in thou!
You are my everything,
And all my supposed failures,
To dance upon your abdomen,
With how you flee at every second,
With how you are far,
With how you also dance with speed,
That matches my own.

I go down to feed on thy mesmerizing
Face of lips and eyes.
I am soon to see
The love that we’ve destined to be.
What have you become,
In my long arms?
My long arms, that keep you near,
And still, you are far.

Oh, beauty!
With all your current tragedies,
Have you seen the horizon?
Have you seen the future?
Have you seen where I mocked,
How we could perhaps never be?
I will dance for eternity,
For this love is for everything.

No death shall teach us to be nothing,
No misery shall ever be our company,
Hope surrounds us,
In every blessing.
Blessed by a magical divinity,
And never to hope for else.
In all what we’ve become,
There is nothing more to reveal.

You are the touch, the fiber, the serpent that I kiss,
A beauty and a flame, a desire and a shame.
I love thee, and you shall become mine,
In all my hours in toil, in all my days in grime.

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