Poem – “Your Swollen, Heavy Eyes” – Romance

The trembling that thou exposes,
In flesh that remains not calm,
An empire of rubble lays at your feet,
A certain sickness dwells in your heart.

You have found beauty in places of loathing,
You have wept before mirrors that showed oceans,
You have laid brick where the rich dwell,
You have made flame upon lands not scorched.

And eyes once beautiful have become somber,
Eyes once heartened have become disheartened,
A face once glad has turned towards sorrow,
A face lifted into skies has been crushed into death.

Eyes that weep tears that are infinite,
Tears that dance across paired pallid cheeks,
How I yearn to taste the wetness
Of that frail face.

How much music
Has been made into silence?
How much pain
Could turn into closure?

How much relief is there,
Upon a world that does not care?
How sorrow is embedded,
In thy barren and tortured head

The feelings I dip into your form,
Like a ladle that searches for warmth,
Finds only the continued pollution,
That seems to make the continued heat.

A continued burning, a continued fear,
And so I shall remain to keep you near.

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