Poem – “My Final Companion” – Romance

Famous and beaming with red,
Lovely until you fall dead,
With the stead of undying love.
Romance has quaked our realm,
While nectar falls from your breasts,
Live in me, oh, beauty from the North.

Give yourself to me,
My final companion.
We shall live and die with the union.
We shall make poetry from our voices.
Our marriage will bloom for many morrows,
And will sow seeds for crops to be reaped.
For a multitude of marriages
To be spawned from our one.

You are lovely, and fit for this occasion,
Your aura inspires awe.
Your face is a wilderness,
For me to be lost.
Your eyes are a darkness,
For me to be displaced.

Grow the garden for our nourishment,
And make merry the words that we’ve kept.
Do not long more for another,
When we drown beneath sheets of purple silk.
Famed are we, under faces that see
Our happiness and our home.
Made for governance to be
A lovely family, so close are we.

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