Poem – “A Note Embedded in Flame” – Romance – 10/9/2019

All beauty has creases,
Like the notes embedded in flame.
Searing to touch,
Alike flesh raised hot from a wilted quilt.
Alike the composer who espies arrogance,
More from audience,
Than from his eyes.

A beauty raised,
A song praised.
A love most wanted beneath sheets of flame,
Notes of sighs,
Words of moments,
And never goodbyes.

Love is a kind messenger,
With flame for its movement.

A bottle, the man,
The wine, the woman.
Hardness moves at nothing,
Save for the purpose a man knows,
To hold emptiness at its end,
And knows the love,
To be infinite in drunkenness.

Drunk upon pain,
Drunk upon love,
I am at peace,
Among the plains,
Among the doves,
Among the crease.

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