The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “A Fire that Puts me to Tears” – Romance – 10/18/2019

Your eyes sparkle youth into being,
But, what strength,
And, what weakness,
I behold, in this feeling!
Without description, all that remains
Is pure and undeserved pain,
Stemming from life that built itself,
Upon immoral and unneeded strife.

I name all pleasure as our fortune,
No home could be ever-more welcoming
As your heart.
The fire within the multitude
Of burning hearths
Do not scold me, as my life did.
They merely burn away
All residue of decay.

A love,
A flame
That brings me to tears,
Makes me wonder about you,
And those eyes;
For they are eyes made to show,
And to be lost,
And for flame to guide the way.

Do not scorn me,
For I am merely a man,
Who cannot understand
What had bound me to the soil for eternity.
I had life weighing heavily,
Do not scorn me,
A man, who only understands,
That something bad has been erased.

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