Poem – “A Face Full of Mirrors” – Romance – 10/28/2019

Blank face, and greatest of ways,
Place my body before you,
I test the weight of your gravity,
The denial you’ve kept in the knowing
Of all I knew to be,
Your love, and your lust,
Built on stones and steel,
In a forge within a home.

A face full of mirrors,
Is where I see a past so amusing.
Treasured, though buried
And you’ll bleed each one into the Earth.
You’ll wield each mirror with vanity
To your purpose
To see, and see, and weep.

What I see
Is a woman without clarity.
Love had once blessed you,
Gave you a sire,
And yet, you sired pain.
You could have sired Heaven,
And yet, you sired Hell,
And starved the child.

Shadow to eyes, and shadow to shoulders,
Overthrown and buried,
You’ll say that the world lived without you,
Though, you lived without the world,
With what it offered,
With what I offered,
Music and merriment in a dream,
Was merely disguised.

Love is a playground,
And I was its child.

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