Poem – “Delay of an Arrival” – Romance – 10/28/2019

Tolerance, and belligerence,
Came together in untold charity.
I was the man of fortunes unkempt in my mind,
Ambitions of truest sadness,
With faces that were many.
Blame me, the boldness upon these hands
Stained with the eruption of grief.
Pain is my reward,
And your reward is my expression.

An expression of what I’ve held
As a delay to our arrival.
Our arrival upon infinity,
You puled and grieved on sands
Made of your tears,
Each grain, a shard of glass,
Each stain, a precious,
Although, place of a hardened heart,
And I would pull the desert together.

Your eyes, a world to view,
Your hands, made to be kissed.
And a mind, not of my kind
For I have bruised it well.

Our love, and your graces,
My faults, and my faces.
My empire, turned into dust,
My grave, tempered with rust.

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