Poem – “Amorous Eyes” – Romance – 10/28/2019

I brought myself as a frame,
For thyself, to view in fortune and fame.
Thy eyes will glisten like the stars overhead,
And death will not cling onto us
When we move across wilderness and sea.

A coven, or a haven, or a place in Heaven,
Is to be,
Beloved by thee,
And by me,
Upon the time we’ll never be barren.

I brought this frame,
To see the highlight in thy sparkling eyes,
All amounts of dust that which I allowed to collect,
Upon when I left thee, to suffer among alleyways and filth,
You’ll have a place beside me,
When I will see thee, upon that frame
In a canvas made of silk.

Each thread, for each garment, for each raiment,
For each pleasure I never would thwart,
Not for any other moment.

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