Poem – “When I Fight for Love” – Romance – 10/28/2019

When I fight for love,
For the peace of another,
It is not me
Who wishes to be happy.
It is another, I aim to be,
Among for, in truest plenty.

To bless a peace inside an aching heart,
To stay for cheeks I’d kiss away falling tears,
To kiss even the eyes, themselves
As I’d always do,
When I fight for love, it is not for myself,
When I fight for it, the emotion, itself,
I fight for another,
And lift them above.

As their beauty raises me, I raise them.
As their tears wash from eyes of sorrow,
I kiss them.
I drink their pain away in this heated world,
Full of so much disgrace,
One fullness of a face, one pair of eyes,
And I am blinded and able to see,
I am wishful and able to breathe.

When I fight for love,
I offer myself
As a body full of greater pain
To hold the weight of the world, upon these shoulders made of stone,
And I’ll hold even more, and pledge those feelings upon my bones.


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