Poem – “My Mornings are Hell” – Romance – 11/14/2019

Like the sun, soon when it rises,
Up towards an area developed in noontide,
Where contentment should breach itself into life,
I feel but the sun, as well, crawling up my stomach,
To a heart made of love,
To a heart injected in the confusion,
To this massive feeling.
As the sun rises, shows its life,
So does my heart,
Though, the pain surges.

Like the moon, replacing the sun,
Each bit of flame calms itself,
Each burning of my chest
Calms itself.
I worry no more, feel pain no more,
I regret no more, I desire no more,
But the face of a one,
And the face of none
Others, but the beauty I’ve kept in thought,
A grace now surely brought.

Is she the one who dances atop my form?
The one who I allow,
The one I’ve given vows,
To solidify my mind, and widen my heart?

My mind is no tamer,
When my heart has become the sun.

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