Poem – “If Ever a Cat Could Sing” – Romance – 11/15/2019

If ever a cat could sing,
And show to me
All melodies upon a mouth made of gold,
From whispers made to pluck,
And eyes made to stare.
Love at first sight upon its kindest gaze,
Wondrous gaze, and fervent glance,
I would love it, hold its form, with graceful curves,
And its ever-more graceful step,
I would watch from a careful distance.

If ever a cat could sing,
It just might
Look upon the world with only its melody.
Love would have it, this cat,
This feline that purrs,
Allowing its body to act as the engine,
Upon the slightest touch,
The cat strokes, the cat murmurs and cries,
The cat is adorable, the cat is lively.
Yet, the cat is quiet, unable to sing.

Unable to sing, it simply stares,
It simply looks
Onward, upon a world that looks back,
Unable to sing, it simply sits.

If ever a cat could sing,
I’d hold it close,
And murmur with it,
And play notes upon its sensitive whiskers.

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