Poem – “A Bled Wound upon the Page” – Romance – 11/20/2019

A bled wound upon the page
Seeks to rewrite virginity,
In the named events to this day.
I am something of a man,
Loyal to loyalty.
You were something of a woman,
Loyal to realism’s mind.
And I foresaw a place embedded
In the white garb of a veil,
In nothing uncertain for what I decided
Would only be my dream.

My heart now bleeds,
Flesh is so wet
When love is leaking from it.
A face I turn to
Speaks of the normalcy
Of a life without strife.
My stupidity, it assumes,
The world of another.
My heart is not meant to cling
To a memory,
For it is but a tick upon something swollen.

You were named “beautiful”, dear one,
A veiled woman I once dreamed of having.
And now we are eclipsed,
Like the moon without any faces,
Like the sun without any brightness,
And the very moist pain in my chest.
Something bleeds,
Wide open upon this page.

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