Poem – “Your Eyes are a Place of Forgetfulness” – Romance – 11/20/2019

Stuck upon the stare,
I am.
With swollen grief, so aware,
To the current Autumn
And its fountains of frost.
The mist pushes my heart closed,
And I feel all surrounding pain.
All surrounding, alike the air I breathe,
As it is the same, within.

Love was my currency,
And my feast.
Love was my heart,
And its attack upon my heart.
Now it flows like the molten rock from a crater,
Upon some unseen moon.
So fresh is this wound,
So lifeless is myself,
Pain is a great defeat.

I am so sick,
And so torn,
For losing you.
The blame is mine to bear,
And mine to swear,
That it will be cleansed,
By the same love,
To be relived again,
Like some recurring dynasty.

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