Poem – “A Fable of Limitless Grief” – Romance – 11/22/2019

Place me at the direction,
Like a child with two teeth to spare,
Of the place where a home resides,
On its own,
In the great wilderness,
The infinite wilderness,
Of my limitless grief.

I wish to be out,
Yet, I cannot stay out,
Because, my mind is where hours are lost,
In the thoughts.
You were beautiful in a form,
With eyes that shone above, greater than flame
Upon the surface to the sun,
And with arms to sweep
The children close to heart,
Love would not succeed.

Love has a mind of its own,
A purpose of its own,
And sometimes that purpose is suicidal.

We are not two of a kind,
Just lonely travelers,
With faces swollen in everlasting grief.

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