Poem – “I was before Beauty with Her Fading Smile” – Romance – 11/22/2019

Why had it ended
Without fault
Given upon the other?
I am so much in the wonderment,
So much in the Hellish endurance,
Of pain and growing pain.
What is so hard to describe,
Is that you will love me as another friend,
Is that you will drop tears for something
That faded as a distant sunset,
That faded alike the tears which have dried
Upon my ever-worn cheeks.

My mind is a circumstance,
That I’ll not invite you to see.
I’ll not trouble you the further trauma,
To see the bloodstains as well
That coat my hardened heart.

What was love,
Besides the offering of grief?
I mourn, as a lover mourns,
And weep, as a lover weeps.
So much does shame invite me,
To see its world.

What hand can I hold, now?
What lips will I ever kiss?

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