Poem – “Your Little Desperation” – Romance – 12/4/2019

With one wicked remark
By your feathered tongue,
A lightness in your voice,
To soothe me,
Down into unwarranted pain.
And the sting comes upon my arms,
And my legs,
And my neck,
Is enough to be drunk.

I would call this pleasure,
Were the levels not so different,
Between yourself and me.
And were our faces not so different,
Of your own and my own.
I am sickened,
By your taste,
By your voice,
Of it all, each thing you say is fear.

Your little desperation,
To say I should return,
For a pathetic friendship,
Will grieve me,
Grieve me,
And grieve me, ever-more.
I beg you to lie there,
And see what I’ve felt,
As I offer lash after bloody lash.

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