Poem – “A Terrible Struggle with Forgiveness” – Romance – 12/5/2019

I thirst for the moment
When I can peel back the skin from my tongue,
And see,
Only what I could not reach forward for
In the dimming haze of this winter forest,
But only what I had tasted,
Being the rain of different droplets,
From different places on this Earth.

Death and denial,
Have an eternal place,
A marriage in Hell,
A hand waving farewell.
There is, in me,
The longing, to see,
What had been broken,
Upon a time in history.

Love and betrayal,
Pain and this denial,
To see myself,
Shattered in the mirror of envy,
Where I had crossed different landscapes,
Full of rivers of every flavor of tear,
From eyes, as high, as the sky,
As high as the ethereal blue.

My struggle with forgiveness,
Is in placing these hands to rest,
Beneath the sand, and the soil, too.

Love is a mask,
For my emotion,
For only a demon resides beneath it.

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