Poem – “Hardened Blood, like Coated Frost” – Romance – 12/5/2019

My face and mind,
As my eyes stare so blind,
I believed in a love who did not awake
To see,
Me, in terrible suffering.
Famous, though mild,
Crude, though wild,
She was the stench of filth,
And terrible bliss.

My own beauty,
Where did it vanish?
Where did it leave to,
In this winter of duress?
Among all the pain,
There is hardly any shame,
To weather my ancient body,
For my finger hangs heavy when it points to her.

Little Heaven, above,
As my only light,
There is grace and spite nestled beside,
These old horrors.

My denial of Hell,
My embrace of self,
Are only two worlds apart.
Sentenced for a stay
In her chamber of filth, and loose decay.

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