Poem – “With all Curves to Trace in the Sand” – Romance – 12/17/2019

Breathe into me, your beauty for highest regard.
I am the one who knows you so evenly.

You have paint atop your breasts,
As your shoulders twist in the wind, and bleed over me
Their pallid texture.

I place atop your head, the many leaves
That have scattered in the Hell, frozen over at our feet.
And you’ll blow one away

For me to place again, to stay.
I adore, as well, your smile of smiles.

So beautiful, do I repeat, is your form, alike the curves of dunes,
Traced upon the sand, by the arid wind.

Beloved, we are, with everything to bare
For ourselves, within ourselves,
For ourselves, to ourselves.

Your smile holds a simple highlight, to the left of it,
Turning my gaze in that direction.

Your cheek, the left one, holds a simple dimple,
A spot for me to put my hand.
And caress, merely caress, the part of it that shows most delicacy.

Break into me, like the cresting waves among the naked shores.
And I will lift you above me,
As you fall right into me,
Soon to catch you among the places we do adore.

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